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This method for assessing the status of rivers and streams using diatoms forms part of the Modular Stepwise Procedure published by the FOEN (Federal Office for the Envi- ronment). This guide for Level 1 (regional survey) describes a standardised procedure for the assessment of watercourses using the frequencies and distribution of diatom species. The methodological procedure for field, laboratory and evaluation work is described in detail. The goal of diatom assessment is to characterise the biological status of watercourses in Switzerland using the new Swiss Diatom Index (DI-CH). Status descriptions have a known relationship with chemical parameters which indicate anthropogenic pollution and are therefore an important aspect with regard to assess- ment of the ecological objectives according to the Water Protection Ordinance dated 28 October 1998 (‘GSchV’, Appendix 1, Art. 1, para. 1).



Kieselalgen (präparierte Zellen)

Preserved specimens of diatom shells
(without cell content)
Photo: AWEL, Canton ZH

Modul Diatomeen
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