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The Modular Stepwise Procedure to investigate and assess watercourses includes assessment procedures in three intensity steps (=spatial scales) for the areas hydromorphology, biology and chemical and toxic effects.

This hydrology-flow regime module for the so-called spatial step R (regional scale), HYDMOD-R for short, is in this respect the method for describing hydrological conditions of a region by logging the water resources management measures and assessing their effects on the flow regime. The natural state of the flow regime is assessed and classified using nine assessment indicators, which cover a number of characteristics from the areas of low flow, medium flow and high flow regime.

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A dam – a measure taken for hydropower use

Modul Hydrologie - Abflussregime
Module Hydrologie – régime d’écoulement
  • Description de la méthode niveau R [6.5 MB]
An English summary of the HYDMOD-R methodology
  • Draft status 2005 (presented for the Headwater 2005 conference). HYDMOD-F methodology in English [0.6 MB]