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Ecomorphology Level R

Physical caracteristics of rivers and streams

The present report presents the principal methods for the investigation of ecomorphology (level R) at any desired location. The objective is both to assess, and to provide a guide to, the degree of naturalness of running waters in a particular region (e.g. cantons, regions, municipalities). In field surveys, existing morphological features, structural measures in and beside rivers and streams, as well as conditions in their immediate vicinity, will be surveyed based on a limited number of selected features. Using survey forms, data will be taken on bed width, onvariations in the breadth of the water surface, artificial beds and bank footings, constitution and width of the banks, and hindrances to fish migration (steps, weirs, etc.). The various features will be assessed on a points basis, each section of water being assigned to one of four categories depending on the number of points obtained. The categories extend from natural/semi-natural to non-natural/artificial, and will be displayed in large-scale maps in the colors blue, green, yellow and red.

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Foto: E. Schager, Eawag

Module Ecomorphology
  • Methodenbeschrieb Stufe F
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  • Description de la méthode Ecomorphologie niveau R
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Strukturen der Fliessgewässer in der Schweiz
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Ecomorphologie des cours d'eau suisses
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