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Assessment levels of the modular stepwise procedure

Assessment levels of the modular stepwise procedure

Level I - Regional survey
On level I, all running waters in a relatively large area (canton,e.g.) are surveyed. The depth of investigation and input of resources per river section are low compared to other levels. In general, only a small number of key parameters are investigated. The studies are designed to give specialists and decision makers in political and administrative authorities a rapid overview of the ecological condition and the impairment of surface waters. To facilitate this process, a standardized classification system is used as far as possible in the various modules. The assessments can then be reported with the aid of large-scale maps.

Level II - System scale survey

System scale surveys involve the investigation of selected surface water systems, i.e. a waterbody including the inflowing streams and rivers. The study depth and input of resources per river section are greater than at level I. A detailed analysis of ecological deficits provides the basis for the planning and prioritization of rehabilitation measures appropriate to the system. As far as is possible and reasonable, the results of regional surveys are fed into investigations at the system scale level.

Level III - Reach scale survey

Reach scale surveys involve resource-intensive, targeted investigations of specific problems affecting particular sections of waterbodies. The Modular Stepwise Procedure provides only general information concerning this level of investigation, as the methods and assessment criteria applied will depend on the individual problem.